Frequently Asked Questions – Answered

I'm happy to answer any questions or things you may be unsure about. Most visitors to the studio often have similar questions prior to starting an exciting project or an experience day, so do take a look below where I have answered the most frequent questions asked.

What should I wear?

Please wear casual clothes that you don't mind getting splats of clay on. We do provide aprons but pottery can be messy. Please also ensure you have short fingernails too!


What is the difference between a 2 hour session and a 3 hour session?

Within a two hour session you can either make a pot on the wheel or create something using hand building techniques.

In a three hour session you can try both methods, with a tea/coffee break half way through the session.


Is lunch provided?

Lunch is not provided by Woodside Pottery. There are some great places near by you can visit for lunch including a local farm shop, pubs and a cafe in West Moors. You are also welcome to bring your own packed lunch with you.


Where can I park?

You can park outside on the road for free. Woodside Road is very quiet and safe with lots of space and does not require any permits to park.


How many other people will be there during my session or experience day?

All sessions and experience days are unique for your booking only. You will have private 1-to-1 tuition from Grazyna in her small pottery studio and will not share the facilities with any other bookings.


What is the maximum group size?

Four people only. The studio is quite small so we cannot facilitate more than groups of four people at one time.


Can I bring children?

Children must be over 14 years old to do an experience day or pottery session. The clay you will be using at Woodside Pottery has to be fired using a kiln and the process requires a few basic rules of physics & chemistry which must be obeyed when creating pots, sculptures or art pieces. Without following these processes, pieces may break or explode during the firing. This makes it difficult for young children to stay engaged in the process and make pottery.


Will I be able to keep what I make?

Yes! But you will not be able to take it away with you on the day. All pottery requires drying, firing and glazing before it can be used or displayed. You will have to pop-back and collect your finished pieces in approximately five weeks after your session.


Do you have any reviews?

Yes. We've had lots of people come and visit the studio over the years. You can find reviews on the Woodside Pottery Facebook page, Trip Advisor and Google Reviews.


I'm not very creative, can I still come and make something?

Of course! In fact, a lot of visitors to the studio doing a Pottery Experience claim not to be creative, and often surprise themselves when making their very first pot, mug or sculpture! Pottery is fun and we do not require you to have any previous experience. Grazyna will guide you through the process 100% of the way.

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