Grazyna Schweidler

Potter & Tutor

Grazyna became interested in pottery whilst dabbling with many forms of art during a successful career as a qualified teacher of adults, early years and running the West Moors Pre-School. After attending pottery classes as a hobby for many years in Fordingbridge with Val Murphy, she decided to improve her skills in ceramics by concentrating on making pottery.


"At the moment I make functional-ware, although sometimes I build small sculptures. I work mostly in light coloured stoneware and I mix my own natural glazes as well as trying out glaze recipes that I like the look of.


I enjoy playing with the different effects of one glaze touching and overlapping another and occasionally I'm pleasantly surprised by the wonderful colours that can be achieved through experimentation and of course pure chance. Which means no two pieces are ever exactly the same, unless you want them to be!"

"I have been ‘playing with clay' for about seven years during which time I've become really interested in pottery and ceramic sculpture. So back in 2008, I took the plunge and had a studio built in the garden by the amazing Terry Boyd whose purpose built design studio has been brilliant. Of course, garden studio sounds too posh so the family just refer to it endearingly as the "potting shed".

"Since then, I have bought a wheel, an electric kiln, a compressor, (apparently its a major investment) so now I have to say ...I've been working at making things more seriously!


Being commercial doesn't come easy to me, although I am exhibiting more and can be found at the odd local craft function, particularly in the Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset and New Forest areas. I still get attached to what I make, so I find it hard to even part with commissioned work. However, this is the bit where I'm supposed to say that ceramics, pottery and ornaments make exciting gifts for any occasion and celebrations such as weddings & birthdays, etc  ...but you knew that already. I just hope people enjoy my pottery and find it useful.


Following lots of encouragement from friends, I started to offer pottery classes and pottery experience days called 'have a go at pottery'. These have been successful, in that they help me fund my ceramics hobby, but more importantly they combine the two things I enjoy most ...teaching and making pots! So far most people who come regularly for pottery classes live locally in Bournemouth or near the New Forest, but its great to meet people who pop in whilst on a short vacation who want to share their time playing with clay, learning to throw on the wheel and discovering hand thrown pottery making.
My pottery studio is relatively small so all my ceramics classes are a maximum of three, plus me. That makes the pottery courses or experience days really easy to tailor to each person's ability and what they want to make. The pottery experiences are for all ages, however, children do need to be accompanied by an adult (who can choose to join in or not as they prefer)."

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Exhibitions and Craft Fairs

July 2015.
Pop-up Vintage and Craft Fair.

Pamphill village hall, Wimborne, Dorset.

Woodside Pottery stool at the Pop-up Vintage and Craft Fair at Pamphill village hall.

December 2014.

East Dorset Potters.

Highcliffe Castle, Hampshire.

The Candle holder collection at Highcliffe Castle

The Candle holder collection at Highcliffe Castle. Other pieces in this photo by East Dorset Potters.

August 2014.

Upton House, Poole.

December 2013.

Christmas Hollyberry Craft Fair, Ferndown, Dorset.

Ferndown, Dorset.

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